Charlie Freake from Scilly Cove

Charlie Freake was a young man from a small outport town in Newfoundland. A family tradition, and the persistent nagging of his father, had Charlie looking for a woman to marry and bear a son. At the age of 28, still searching, he decided to leave his home in Scilly Cove and go to St. John’s. His mission was to find a wife and have a son to keep the string of Charlie’s going, and get his father off his back. But St. John’s and then Toronto brought many changes to his life. Wealth, love, illness, drugs, and murder turned his life upside down. And then there was Mary . . .

Home to Liza

Home to Liza is Marshall Godwin’s fourth novel. It is not part of the Beothuk Series, but rather is a stand alone novel, set in Newfoundland and covers a time span from the 1950′s to the present day. It is a story of an ordinary woman who lived an extraordinary life.

The Warm Place

The Warm Place is the third book of The Beothuk Sagas. The first two books, Belle Maro and The Mark of Time, can be read in either order and are not dependent on each other, or on The Warm Place, to be understood and enjoyed. While The Warm Place can be read independent of Belle [...]

Belle Maro

A story of love, a story of struggles and conflicts, and a story of vengeance.

Sex on Yuwer Street

Open your door, go out into the middle of “your” street and look in both directions. Look at the homes on your street. This book is a window into what may be happening in the lives of the people living in the houses you see on your street.

The Bedford Murder (Out of Stock)

An Evidence-Based Clinical Mystery The Bedford Murder is intended for health care professionals. It has a story line but it is primarily intended to be used by family physiciasn other primary care providers to help them keep up-to-date with evidence pertaining to many common clinical conditions. PREFACE First and foremost this book is about evidence. [...]