Home to Liza

Home to Liza CoverHome to Liza is Marshall Godwin’s fourth novel. It is not part of the Beothuk Series, but rather is a stand alone novel, set in Newfoundland and covers a time span from the 1950′s to the present day.
Home to Liza is a story of an ordinary woman who lived an extraordinary life. She did not set out to live that life, life came to her. As she says, “life has a way of messing with our plans. We are victims of life, dependent on its whims, and controlled by its fancy. We have no choice but to go where it takes us.” Home to Liza is difficult to pigeon hole. It is a love story, a murder mystery, and a rags-to-riches story. Set in rural Newfoundland, the story winds its way through Liza’s life as she takes lovers, family, friends, and enemies with her. Her life and her family are plagued with one tragedy after another. People love her or hate her. She is strong, and yet incredible vulnerable. All she ever wanted was to be with Billie, and in the end, she is.


Publisher: DRC Publishing

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