The Mark of Time



Mark of Time Front Cover In 1583 Sir Humphrey Gilbert stood on a stage and declared that England owned the whole of Newfoundland. Perhaps a few natives and a few Englishmen who overwintered in the new world, watched from the woods as he gave his speech. Richard Whitbourne and Captain James Cook both mention the red painted natives of Newfoundland. Did they have more contact than they let on? Shanawdithit spent nearly a year in St. John’s. Were William Cormack and Dr. William Carson really the only people who had any close contact with her? Then the twentieth century arrived with all its turmoil and grief — the world wars, the great depression, sealing disasters, resettlement, and the moratorium. By then the Beothuks were long gone. But were they still having an effect on our island and its people?
This novel traces the ancestry and generations of two fictional families – the Knights and the Johnsons. The families can be linked genetically, based on a birth mark, from the time of the Vikings in 1000 AD until today. The Mark of Time is a story of those two families, the lives of successive generations and their presumed relationship to the historical and disastrous events in Newfoundland’s history. You will find savage killings and tenderness, deceit and trust, loving sex and sexual abuse, dreams achieved and dreams unfulfilled, religious conflict, relational conflict, some who stay and some who go, and an ending that says there are things we must accept, even if they seem to make no sense in a modern world, because history, tradition, and ancestry says so.

Publisher: DRC Publishing

Below are readings by the author, Marshall Godwin, from The Mark of Time

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