Hacked! Spammed!

I’m not sure how many of you were aware of it, but my website was down for 48 hours. Apparently a  robot (one of those bots that get sent out into the internet looking for ways to get into websites to utilize a feature of the site to spam messages) got into my website and used my contact form to send hundreds of emails to people. So if you received an email from what appears to be me, but sounds unusual, it was probably from that bot. If you did get that message sometime around last Sunday or early Monday morning, let me know what it said. Thanks.

The problem is fixed. So ‘nuf of that…I’m baaaccckkk. 🙂

At Amadeus Restaurant in Kingston

Glenda  and I are in Kingston and have been for past few days. We are leaving to go back to Goderich today. We stayed with our good friends, Al and Donna Blair, while in Kingston. We met up with another friend, John Geddes, on Monday night for dinner at the Amadeus Restaurant. It was  a lovely warm evening so we ate on the deck and planned a reunion trip to Bosnia in 2019…and drank some German beer , of course.

As always Glenda  and I went to visit the gravesite of our dear grandson, Noah Curtis Godwin Lloyd. He was just two days old when he died in 2008.

We visited Mary Jane and Curtis Lloyd, our in-laws, Matthews parents, and I also poked around in the Family Medicine Centre, my old workplace, and chatted with a few people including Rick Birtwhistle and Ian Casson.

Donna and Al have been wonderful hosts and we have enjoyed our visit.

There is nobody up here in the house yet besides me, its 6a.m. After breakfast Glenda and I will leave for Goderich.

Sorry about the somewhat boring post but I wanted to document our visit to Kingston and that website whamming hack thingy that happened.


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