Why Am I Blogging?

Blogging is an interesting thing. Generally, the idea is that your writing and photos are so interesting and compelling you will get a following of people who not only read your blog,  but enjoy reading it, and wait in anticipation of your next installment.  I can’t see that happening to my blog … and I’m not sure that’s what I am aiming for anyway. I think my blog will be a reservoir; a place where I put things. A place where people can look and see what I’ve put there, if they wish, but if no one ever bothers to look I’ll still keep adding things. It will be mainly for me, so I can go back and look at pictures of trips, recollections of my book promotion tours, thoughts on writing, memories of family events, and even my thoughts on current events …. look out Trump, I’ve got my sight set on you. When I write words like Trump or Islam or ISIS or Taliban I wonder if some FBI or Homeland Security internet troll, a bot, will pick it up and I will get a visit from men in black with sunglasses.  I’ll let you know… if there are any “you’s” out there actually reading this … or actually looking into my reservoir I should say. By the way, if you do follow what I write, or what I put into my reservoir, my treasure chest, let me know. Even though I am mainly writing this for me, it does get a bit lonely.

Glenda  and I are heading for Trouty today. It’s 6 a.m. right now. I have been up since 5 a.m. which is normal for me. We’ll probably leave around 9 or so. Glenda is still asleep. We were at Pauline Duke’s Retirement Party last night. Lovely event attended my family, friends, and colleagues.  There were lots of  well disserved tributes to her as a wonderful human being and physician. Social justice is very important to Pauline and she has lived her life with that as a priority. Family is also important to her and now with a grandchild she seems to have a whole new lease on life …. no, not a lease, never mind renting, she has bought it lock, stock, and barrel.  You only truly know the effect grandchildren can have on you, when you actually get one. Pauline has one, and she has been infected by the grandchild virus, just like so many of us. And then there’s Jim, of course. Great guy. Really like Jim.  The story goes that Pauline threw her bike at him once and he was so impressed he fell in love and proposed. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite like that, but it makes a good story.

So, as I said, we are going to Trouty today. I’ll post some pictures of the place tomorrow, so you get to know it. We love being at Trouty … small community in Trinity Bight, population 68. A river runs through it. Really, it does. A small salmon river. And I love to fly fish. My front door is about 40 feet from where I can wet a fly.  Fly fishing is enjoyable even if you don’t catch anything. There just has to be the possibility of catching something. No fun fly fishing in a swimming pool, for instance. The actual physical activity would be the same if you cast into a swimming pool, but the anticipation of a strike, of a fish actually going for your hook wouldn’t be there. It is that possibility that makes the activity so enjoyable. And if you do get a strike, and perhaps even catch a salmon or trout…! Well that just keeps you coming back.

Bye for now.

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