Back In The World Again

The last time I blogged I was in the middle of chemotherapy for lymphoma and not quite knowing where my life was going. You can see pictures of me with my bald head in my blogs from that time. Now I have a reasonable head of hair and the hematologist tells me I am in full remission and I just have to see her for follow-up every three months for two years and then every six months got three years. And if I’m still around after those five years she will declare me cured…we’ll see, the words cancer and cured are rare bed fellows. Fortunately Dr Costello is a lovely person and delight to vist with in her clinic.

A lot has happened since I finished my chemo and was declared in full remission (not the same as cured) in September 2022. Glenda and I (Glenda is my dear wife for those who don’t know), anyway Glenda and I spent two months in Lagos, Portugal in February and March 2023, we did an Alaskan cruise in May 2023, and we did a four week trans-Atlantic cruise in November 2023.

—— then I went and had a seizure on December 6, 2023 and so I can’t drive until I have been seizure-free for six months. This means Glenda is going to have to drive me everywhere I need to go…I joke that she’s my Uber driver but I don’t think she thinks its funny … sounds funny to me 🙂

Anyway the seizure is not related to my cancer or anything else bad like that. Just a getting old sort of thing. I’ll follow up with that later.

Anyway I continue to work most days doing virtual clinics in the Bay St. George Medical Clinic in Stephenville. I enjoy it a lot and it keeps my mind alert and keeps me medically up-to-date and, I hope, helps the people of the Stephenville area.

I also continue to write. My last publication was Mary Jane which was published in 2021. It’s a biographical novel based on the life of my grandmother— her name was Mary Jane . I am working on a copule of new novels right now. The one I hope to get finished next (by end of February 2023 is my plan) is called 2066. I won’t do a spoiler and tell you what it is about. You’ll have to wait.

I am also doing some compilations in hardcover of grouping of my previous novels. But again that something that’ll I’ll talk about in more detail later.

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  1. Hi Marshall ! You have had many great adventures since your previous blogs , how lovely is that !
    💕 Good thoughts and BIG hugs with this latest health news and … enjoy your continued writings ! 2066 sounds intriguing for sure 😊

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