A Hike in Goderich

Glenda and I did a hike on the Menesetung Bridge/Tiger Dunlop Trail in Goderich yesterday. There is a great series of hiking trails around Goderich, and parks for the kids and a fantastic beach. Those things, along with the well designed town (Circle in the Square etc), is probably what got in named the most beautiful town in Canada…or some such accolade.

We went with Freddie to his soccer practice. He is 4 years old so it was more learning to kick the ball than anything else. They had a “team photo” taken at the end of the practice.

I must say I am having a dry period for writing. I think it is because I am waiting for “Home to Liza” to arrive from the printer so it can get distributed to the bookstores and Amazon etc. And so I can start my own marketing and promotion campaign. I have it on my website already and it can be pre-ordered.

I’ll send it to people who pre-order as soon as I receive the books from the publisher. My publisher is DRC Publishing as I have said before, I think.

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