Wow! Enlightenment

I’m up at 5 a.m. as I often am. That’s when I write. I notice I have three comments on my blog. Exciting, I think to my self… somebody is actually read it! … a family member and two people I had not connected with for decades. This is great. So anybody who wants to say hello by commenting on my blog posts, go ahead.

This morning I plan to pull up the manuscript of the novel called “The Wisdom of John”, which is my current writing project, and do some writing. It is at about 12,000 words long now. Only 70,000 or 80,000 to go.

I am waiting for notification from my publisher that the first copies of “Home to Liza” have arrived. It should be out soon. When it is I’ll tell you about it. Another one “Charlie Freake from Scilly Cove” is being reviewed by a professional editor. It is the next one I will be pitching to my publisher. But lets get Home to Liza out and promoted first. My publisher is DRC Publishing, a small local Newfoundland publisher in St. John’s.

I mentioned  yesterday that Glenda  and I are in Goderich at Peter and Kate’s place. We are enjoying being with them and our grandchildren, Norah and Freddie. We had beer butt chicken, helped them plant their garden, Freddie liked sitting by the fire … not too close, Norah found/made some mud, and the big girls played head dressings. Peter and I have been working on dismantling the back attachment of his shed but we don’t have any pictures.

I didn’t get any writing done to today. Writing is like that. And if I don’t actually get to it in the morning then everybody gets up, the day gets started, and other things take over.

Well maybe tomorrow morning. It’s 5:30 p.m. now. I guess I should post this blog entry and have supper.

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  1. Will be reading up on your travels. You and Glenda enjoy time with family and travelling. Stay safe.

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