Starting Over

I haven’t blogged for 5 years! I think I never really understood what blogging was or how I could use it. I’ll be using it differently now. Not just for my writing but for the travels Glenda  and I do, for family things, and for life in general. Maybe even an occasional rant now and then. 

My son, Peter, has set up this whole website for me along with the blogging capability. I want to thank him for that. He is very patient as I learn to use the capabilities of this technology.

As a quick update, in February/March we spent five weeks in Lucca, a walled city in the Tuscany area of Italy. Few pics below:

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  1. Hello Marshall and Glenda, looking forward to all your blogs. It is nice to follow and see what friends are doing.

  2. Great to see you back at it, Marshall. Hello to Glenda and all best to you.
    Check out when you have a moment. Lots to catch up on.


  3. Blogging can be addictive. I haven’t done much with Buddy’s blog lately but in the fall I intend to resurrect Wonderful Words, my blog about books and words. You enter a whole new world and interact with people from all over. Have fun!

    1. Hi Brenda. You used to Blog a look didn’t you … as your alter ego Buddy the Cat. I can get pointers from you when we connect in person next.

    1. I’m hoping to make it part of my early morning routine. I’ll see how it works … time wise. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi to you both! I love seeing the world through your travels; thanks for sending it along. Enjoy! Cheers, Pam

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