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What’s a Felsenmeer, Anyway?

Felsenmeer Gros Morne

Felsenmeer is a word with German origins. It means ocean of rocks or sea of stones. When Glenda  and I came back home to Newfoundland in 2005 we looked for a word that would be unusual or even unique, that we could use to label our activities and property. So our summer place in Trouty, Trinity […]

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Charlie Freake is up and running

My first Indie publication is now getting out there in a big way. I had my first signing at Coles Avalon Mall yesterday. Only sold a couple of copies but also a copy of Belle Maro and The Warm Place. I had some great chats with people about writing and about the Beothuks and Newfoundland in […]

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My Latest Work — Charlie Freake from Scilly Cove

Charlie Freak from Scilly Cove | Marshall Godwin

I have made the jump — to Indie. Indie publishing that is. Rather than going with a traditional publisher (DRC Publishing had published all my previous novels) I did this one myself; from scratch. All the formatting and cover design. It is available as a paperback on and It is available as an […]

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Trouty with the Grand-Kiddies

Glenda  and I have been in Trouty since June 30 with Charlotte and Spencer…without their parents! We have been having a great time and they seem to be enjoying it lots. We went to Trinity for Canada Day celebrations but the outdoor things were rained out. We had hot dogs and pie inside. The Canada […]

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Life in St. John’s and Trouty June 2018

There’s a new Bosnian (Balkan) Restaurant opened in St. John’s. On Cookstown Road where it intersect LeMarchant Road. Glenda  and I have been to Bosnia and Croatia many times. We love it there and love the food, so we were delighted when we heard of Balkan Kitchen opening. The make cevapi and Sopska salad just […]

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Why Am I Blogging?

Blogging is an interesting thing. Generally, the idea is that your writing and photos are so interesting and compelling you will get a following of people who not only read your blog,  but enjoy reading it, and wait in anticipation of your next installment.  I can’t see that happening to my blog … and I’m […]

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I have it!

Author Marshall Godwin - Home to Liza

Hi Everyone … everyone who follows my blog anyway. I finally have copies of my new book … in my hand! After years of work it is great to get the final product. And it does take years. Every book I’ve published has taken between 2 and 5 years from the beginning of the idea, […]

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