Charlie Freake is up and running

My first Indie publication is now getting out there in a big way.

I had my first signing at Coles Avalon Mall yesterday. Only sold a couple of copies but also a copy of Belle Maro and The Warm Place. I had some great chats with people about writing and about the Beothuks and Newfoundland in general. All of my books are set in Newfoundland. I tell people my books are written by a Newfoundlander, about Newfoundlanders, set in Newfoundland.  I think that will always be the case. The Newfoundlanders in my books may at times be fictional characters, but they will always be Newfoundlanders.

I have approached Downhome about distributing Charlie Freake from Scilly Cove through their system. It is in review with them.

The book hopefully will be in Chapters in March. I have yet to approach Coles Village Mall…that’s my plan this week.

Glenda  and I are off to Portugal for two months in early March until the end of April so I have to get as much promotion as I can done before then.  I’ll get lots of writing done while in Portugal. I’m working on three new books.

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    1. I can only concentrate on one at a time even though I have three on the go. So I’ll be working on say Mary Jane for a few days/weeks. Then switch to Charlie and Mary: Private Eyes for a bit, and then back to 2066. So now you know the names of the three I’m working on.
      There are actually two others I have put them a side for a year or so. Jim and Agnes, and The Wisdom of John.

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