Places You Can get The Mark of Time

The availability of  “The Mark of Time” is increasing. In addition to being available at this site and through the publisher’s site (DRC Publishing) it is now available through Tidespoint  and also through the Chapters and Indigo online site. You can also find it in The Coles Bookstores at the two St. John’s Malls and also at the Chapter’s store on Kenmount Road. I believe it is also at the airport but I will check that out the next time I am there, and confirm it in a future blog.

I would really appreciate it if you could report places you see it … report sightings of “The Mark of Time” lol. You can do that by commenting on my blogs.  The reason why I ask this is because I worry the distributor — Downhome — isn’t doing as a good a job as I think it should at getting the hardcopies out in the various outlets location around NL. However if it turns out you guys are seeing it all over the place then my perception may be incorrect.  Thanks. Oh yes, the Downhome Shop also sells the Mark of Time.

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