Signings at the Coles Bookstores

Belle Bay from Iron Skull

I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon sitting with Peter Stacey of DRC Publishing in the Coles Bookstores in St. John’s.¬†First it was from 1-3PM at the Coles in the Avalon Mall and then from 3:30-3:30PM at the Coles in the Village Mall. It was good to have a long chat with my publisher about things like promotions and distribution of books. We also chatted about my third book, The Warm Place, which is the final novel in The Beothuk Trilogy and they are pretty much committed to publishing it and then packing it together as a three-book set. We didn’t do a lot of business…only sold one book at each store but a lot of people came by to look, so it is getting some coverage. I am still waiting to see if I will be chosen for the 2013 Spring Tides Reading series being run by the Writers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL). I also discussed a road trip to libraries across the province sometime in the spring.

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