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It feels good to be back. I haven’t been able to get to my writing since Christmas. I have been busy at work…fortunately only 3 years to retirement when I can write to my hearts content.

Anyway I got back at it yesterday. A real rush…for me… some would find that strange. I’m working on my next novel. As I said in  an earlier blog I sent the final book in the Beothuk Trilogy to the publisher, DRC Publishing, in February. I suppose that is technically my next book in the order of being published but the next one in terms of the one I am working on now is Liza Brown or Home to Liza. I haven’t decided on the name yet.

Writing is a fascinating experience for me. When I get going and get in the grove, so-to-speak, the words and the story just seem to flow. It is hard to explain this. I don’t sit down knowing what I am going to write. I start writing and the ideas come to me. Yesterday the story came alive as I was writing and fitted together as if I had planned it that way from the outset even though I hadn’t. A strange experience and hard to explain. I’m at my computer again this morning and about to start writing. I wonder where it will take me?

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  1. Hey Marshall
    Congratulations on your Website! It is so great!! So my comment is in reference to your above blog “I’m back to writing” and your statement “a strange experience and hard to explain”…is this not the true creative process where the story already exists and the only work required by the writer is to be the vessel through which it flows? Sounds like you were in the flow!!
    All the best to you and the next creation!
    May the flow be with you:)

    1. Or like the sculptor who choses a large piece of grantite from which to create a scupture. The scupture is in there already… he just has to chip away the pieces of stone that are covering it up.

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