Two Years Later

Saturday April 9, 2022

My grandson Spencer on the boat. He just caught a cod.

My last blog was from Lagos, Portugal in the Spring of 2020; just before we came back home from Portugal when the pandemic was declared by the WHO. Like the rest of the world, Glenda  and I have struggled to get through the past two years, masking, distancing, getting vaccinated, and all the rest. I have published two books since then — “Mary Jane” and “The Case of the Old Man with the Hat”. I am currently working on a novel whose title will be “2066”.Last year was a big year for me. I bought a new boat– A Coastal Vokey 198wt and a truck to tow her. We had a great year in Trouty during the 2021 season with fishing and gardening and hiking and the like. Struck up a friendship with Captain Kris Drodge. Most of my cod fishing was with him. He’s doing a fantastic job renovating an old home in Trinity, called the Anchorage.

Gerald and Barbara Spurrell our neighbours in Trouty continue to be a good friends and make our lives so much better with all their help.

Also I switched my shed over to be a pottery studio for Glenda, all fitted with a brand new kiln. She has gotten back in to pottery and she is loving it and does absolutely great work in my opinion and the opinion of many people who see and buy her pottery. Its available in the summer at the Giftshop at Dock Marina in Trinity and also at the Yurt Giftshop in Port Rexton. Should have her pottery in both those places again this coming season.

That’s all very nice but I have some bad news to report as well. In February this year I was diagnosed with lymphoma and I have started chemotherapy. It’s going to be 6 cycles of  chemo, each being 3 weeks long. So from now until August I’ll be immunocompromised and having to isolate even more than before. Last thing I need now is to catch Covid. I am hoping I can continue writing but I have some bad days when thinking is difficult let alone writing.

I am hoping to get out to Trouty for periods of time this spring and summer in between the chemo sessions. I’ll post from there at times and I also hope to get some writing done.

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  1. Hi there! Great blog news! This is the first time I’ve seen your blog page. Happy to hear you’re making the most out of your retirement – it’s one of the things you work for! Hi to Glenda – her pottery is lovely, and it’s great a when you have a dedicated spot in which to imbibe…. if we’re out your way this summer I’d love to see her studio! Good luck with the lymphoma…. I know the worry of having cancer…… it’s difficult for both of you. Chemo is like Buckleys – it’s awful, but it works! Make the most of the good days, and rest up when you need to do so. Bill wants to have a word….

    Hi Marshall. Our son Joel told me that you had pretty well retired from your medical career – but you still are continuing several others. I am sure that you shall refocus after being shaken by the diagnosis. I am sure that you have told many patients that the statistics are not absolutes – but rather the mid-point of a very large bell curve. Carolyn and I are hopeful that you are at the extreme end of the positive leg of the curve. (30 years ago she was!)

    Enjoy the present and look forward to another visit to Portugal.

    1. Hi Carolyn and Bill
      They’re giving me a 70% chance of cure. So let’s hope.
      I still do some virtual clinics (phone) in a couple of rural clinics out in Western health. I don’t have a practice of my own.
      Not doing much of anything lately with they chemo etc.

      Say Hello to Joel for me.


  2. We have been praying daily for your full recovery and that the chemo journey will not be too difficult. In the meantime, I am sure that you will keep busy with writing and the like. Trouty is a great place, so your time there I am sure will be healing. Blessings.

  3. Great to hear from you Marshall! All your CFPC friends and colleagues are hoping for the very best of news and outcome over the coming months, and years! We’ll keep our eyes on your blog here – maybe we will see a pic of you in the Coastal Vokey….

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