Lagos, Portugal, Winter-Spring 2020

Writing on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I’m going to do a single blog entry that I add to as our two months in Lagos, Portugal moves along.

I really dislike (I was going to say ‘hate’ but I hate that word) travelling. Actually its not travelling I don’t like, it’s flying.  I’m not afraid of flying, it’s not that. I just don’t like the airports and the sitting in airplane seats that are too narrow with no leg room, for hours and hours, eating plastic food. I love the end results of flying — being in new places, seeing the world. After 24 hours of mostly flying and airports, finishing with a taxi ride from Faro (where we landed) we arrived in Lagos on the Algarve coast of Portugal. It was 18 degrees Celsius and sunny. They were having a snowstorm back home. This year it seems there is always a snow storm in Newfoundland.

The Weather Network App says its going to be 16-18 degrees with sun every day for the next 14 days here in Lagos. Not 28 degrees like in Florida but perfect for this snow-tired Newfoundlander who enjoys summers on the Rock where  18 degrees and sunny is perfect!

Anyway we arrived in Lagos at 5 pm on Sunday, February 9, 2020, got unpacked, went for a walk. It was late, we had no food in the apartment, found a Burger King and had a burger (Marshall) and nuggets (Glenda), came back and went to bed. Twelve hours later we awoke to our first real day in Lagos, Monday Feb 10.

On Monday, I walked 22,000 steps (17 km). It started with a trip to the Intermarche, a large supermarket about a kilometer away. Picked up the basics (proper shopping trip to stock the apartment today, Tuesday), had breakfast, and headed out to explore the town. Found our way around, lovely walk by the river. The old town of Lagos has an old wall surrounding it, either from Roman times or from the time of the Moors. We have so much to explore here.

Judy, an old friend from our Canso, Nova Scotia days contacted Glenda. They are also in the Algarve and were visiting Lagos. We got together for dinner. First time seeing each other in 40 years. Judy’s husband, Gerry, is a nice man. We hadn’t met him before. Glenda and Judy talked for hours about the old days in Canso. Gerry and I listened and also chatted ourselves. Nice to reconnect with an old friend, and make a new one.

Writing on Thursday, February 13, 2020

We took a bit of a break on Tuesday and only walked 5 km. Barbecued dinner on the patio and enjoyed a glass of wine. On Wednesday we did some major exploring in the old town and around the river front. Found the bus station and train station for future reference. Found a small grocery store near the apartment and had supper at a local pub/restaurant … The Black Cat.

Today was a big day. Walked 13 km. We went in search of the beaches and hiked along cliffs and went out to Ponto do Piedade. Some pictures below.

I think we are over the jet lag now. Sleeping patterns have stabilized. We are amazed at how warm 18 degrees is. There is no wind, and down at beach level it is so warm people are sunbathing on the beach in bikinis. Glenda  and I have not been wearing shorts yet but we are finding it warm when hiking. Maybe we’ll switch to shorts from long pants tomorrow.










She wasn’t hungry she said. :)







Writing on February 23, 2020

It’s been ten days since I wrote. We have had lots of fun exploring and discovering Lagos. Let me show you some of our adventures.

On Valentines Day, besides the usual shows of affection, we went out for cataplana, a traditional Portuguese dish cooked in a round wok-like pot with vegetables on the bottom and fish or meat on top. We had fish and shellfish. Glenda doesn’t really like it much to tell you the truth, but I like it a lot. So I guess it was mainly for me. :)




We have sent lots of time wandering the streets of the old town of Lagos. Narrow streets, lined with stores. Sometimes unusual buildings.

The Rooster, A Symbol of Portugal
The streets of the old tow lined with store. Their wares flow out into the street









Some Unusual Buildings like this green one









We connected with Judy and Gerry a second time and had lunch.

Look who I found!
Judy and Glenda












We did a walking tour with a man named Ligio who is a historian by love and also he has a degree in history. He knows Lagos, its history and its streets, in incredible detail. It was a great tour. We feel we know Lagos so much better now.

Ligio, The Lagos historian

We did a most fantastic hike from our apartment to Praca(beach) do Mos, in the small town of Mos, and from the beach along the cliffs overlooking the rocks and ocean below to Ponto do Piedade.









The hike over the top of the cliffs was a bit of a challenge. In one spot we came down over a cliff using steps cut into the side of the cliff.

















We visited  a Fortress Museum.

You entered the museum over a draw bridge
All the artwork was made of clay
















On top of he fortress museum








On my birthday, Feb 20 ….66 years if you must know…. we went out for dinner.  Started with Sangria










Writing on February 29, 2020

Since last posting we have done more walking around Lagos. Went to a Carnivale Parade in a small town called Odiaxere just outside Lagos. Went back to Mos Beach for some sunbathing. temperature getting up to 19 degrees mid day lately. Still walking and eating a lot. I think the walking is being undone by the eating in terms of any possible weight loss!!

This Red/Green Bull seems to a symbol of Portugal. As well as the rooster.

Lots of palm trees in and around Lagos










Sundown over part of Mos beach
Overlooking Mos Beach










Streets of Lagos










Old Walls of Lagos



















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  1. Great photos & commentary. I would love 18degrees now and yes it is still snowing here.
    Enjoy! Looking forward to more photos. It looks like an interesting place to visit.

  2. Phil and I spent a month in Lagos a couple of years ago and we loved it! We were down by Diana Beach I think it was!? Memory is shot. But really enjoyed all of the pubs and restaurants and beaches and hiking! Great spot for day trips to see the surrounding areas too! Enjoy!!!

    Linda and Phil

    1. Hi Linda. I do recall you and Phil had spent some time in Lagos. We are just getting to know it. Exploring the old town and the beaches and trails. We went to Portimao by bus today to check it out. Walked around for a couple of hours and then came back. Its just a 40 minute bus ride.. Thinking of you guys.

  3. Thank you Marshall ! Love hearing about your days and seeing the gorgeous pictures – bringing back wonderful memories ! ENJOY

  4. Looks like you are enjoying your trip and Birthday. I celebrated my 70th. on Feb. 15th. I am alone as my Bill passed away last July. Girls are all married and moved away with families of their own. I was wondering what Judy’s last name was as I don’t recognize them. Enjoy your time away from the rock. Say hi to Glenda for me.

    1. Hi Cora
      Glenda and I are well and Glenda says hello.
      Judy’s last name was Leamont. You would have known her and her husband as Dennis and Judy Leamont. Dennis has since passed and Judy has remarried.

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