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Trouty with the Grand-Kiddies

Glenda  and I have been in Trouty since June 30 with Charlotte and Spencer…without their parents! We have been having a great time and they seem to be enjoying it lots. We went to Trinity for Canada Day celebrations but the outdoor things were rained out. We had hot dogs and pie inside. The Canada […]

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Why Am I Blogging?

Blogging is an interesting thing. Generally, the idea is that your writing and photos are so interesting and compelling you will get a following of people who not only read your blog,  but enjoy reading it, and wait in anticipation of your next installment.  I can’t see that happening to my blog … and I’m […]

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A Hike in Goderich

Glenda and I did a hike on the Menesetung Bridge/Tiger Dunlop Trail in Goderich yesterday. There is a great series of hiking trails around Goderich, and parks for the kids and a fantastic beach. Those things, along with the well designed town (Circle in the Square etc), is probably what got in named the most […]

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