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What’s a Felsenmeer, Anyway?

Felsenmeer Gros Morne

Felsenmeer is a word with German origins. It means ocean of rocks or sea of stones. When Glenda  and I came back home to Newfoundland in 2005 we looked for a word that would be unusual or even unique, that we could use to label our activities and property. So our summer place in Trouty, Trinity […]

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Life in St. John’s and Trouty June 2018

There’s a new Bosnian (Balkan) Restaurant opened in St. John’s. On Cookstown Road where it intersect LeMarchant Road. Glenda  and I have been to Bosnia and Croatia many times. We love it there and love the food, so we were delighted when we heard of Balkan Kitchen opening. The make cevapi and Sopska salad just […]

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Home to Lisa has arrived

Home to Liza | Author Marshall Godwin

DRC Publishing tells me they have received Home to Liza from the printer. It has gone to DownHome for distributing, so should be available soon in bookstores. I will get copies from DRC when I get home next week and it will be available for purchase from me on my website. Glenda  and I are still […]

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Hacked! Spammed!

I’m not sure how many of you were aware of it, but my website was down for 48 hours. Apparently a  robot (one of those bots that get sent out into the internet looking for ways to get into websites to utilize a feature of the site to spam messages) got into my website and […]

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Wow! Enlightenment

I’m up at 5 a.m. as I often am. That’s when I write. I notice I have three comments on my blog. Exciting, I think to my self… somebody is actually read it! … a family member and two people I had not connected with for decades. This is great. So anybody who wants to […]

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Starting Over

I haven’t blogged for 5 years! I think I never really understood what blogging was or how I could use it. I’ll be using it differently now. Not just for my writing but for the travels Glenda  and I do, for family things, and for life in general. Maybe even an occasional rant now and […]

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